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Stop the Spread of Gum Disease with Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is a surgical reshaping procedure that is designed to restore and regenerate normal function to damaged gum tissue, ligaments and bones that support your teeth. A periodontal, or gum, infection can occur when bacteria and other particles build up on the teeth and cause inflammation of the gums, called gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis can worsen, leading to infected pockets around the teeth and eventually requiring periodontal surgery to stop the spread and restore normal function to the gums.

Gum health is an important factor in your overall oral health. The dentists at Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites in Edmonton are able to identify and treat periodontal problems, including performing periodontal surgery. Without this procedure, the infection will continue to spread, first causing a loss of the tight gum attachment around the teeth and in the worst cases causing bone and tooth loss.

You can prevent such dental issues by keeping good oral health habits, like daily brushing and flossing, as well as visiting your dentist regularly. Your dentist will be able to identify oral health concerns early and develop a treatment plan to keep them from worsening.

Be sure to schedule your appointment with a dentist at Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites and take the first step toward a healthier smile. Give us a call today.

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