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Learn More About Mouth Guards, Night Guards & Splint Therapy in West Edmonton

While often thought of as simply used for sports protection, mouth guards can also offer important dental health benefits. Mouth guards can help manage bruxism, or teeth grinding, and TMJ muscle pain. At Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites, we create custom mouth guards and offer splint therapy, a type of procedure involving a mouth guard that helps change and improve occlusion and muscle function to correct your bite. Dr. Xie trained at the Pankey Institute and is experienced in full-mouth reconstruction, occlusion, and TMJ pain. We can provide you with a mouth guard that fits perfectly and fulfills its function.

Types of Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards should be worn by anyone who is participating in a contact sport. This applies to both children and adults. Contact sports typically include football, soccer, hockey, boxing, basketball, and lacrosse. It's also important to wear a mouth guard during activities like skateboarding, roller skating or ice skating as an injury to your mouth could easily occur. Mouth guards will reduce your risk of chipping, breaking or knocking out your teeth upon contact and also help prevent injuries to your lips, tongue and gums.

Night guards are recommended for anyone who needs to protect their teeth from continual grinding, which can significantly harm your tooth's surface and your jaw. With splint therapy, a bite splint will be specially crafted for your unique needs. It usually needs to be worn all throughout the day and is designed to improve your muscle function and correct your bite.

Wearing these dental appliances can help manage the headaches, jaw pain and neck aches you might be having due to your teeth grinding, misaligned bite or TMJ problems.

No matter what type of mouth guard you might have, it should always allow you to breathe normally and stay firmly in place. If not, the mouth guard wasn't properly fitted for your mouth. If you wear braces or have fixed bridge work, standard mouth guards shouldn't be worn as they could damage your dental devices. There are mouth guards available for you, however – please ask us about them!

Get Fitted for a Mouth Guard Today

Once you get used to the device, wearing a mouth guard will become no big deal. It shouldn't cause you any pain or discomfort, and it's very easy to care for! All you have to do is rinse and clean it daily and store it in a durable, perforated container to allow for air circulation. Please regularly examine the appliance for holes or chips – if you find any damage or it becomes loose, it will need to be replaced.

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