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Get Composite White Fillings at Our Edmonton Dentist Office

Composite Fillings at Our Edmonton Dental Clinic

When you get a cavity, one solution is to have a filling put in by your dentist. At Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites in Edmonton we offer composite white fillings. This is a routine dental procedure that can have your smile looking whole and healthy.

Matching Your Fillings to Your Natural Tooth Colour

We can match your composite fillings to your natural tooth colour. By detailed shade matching, the dental professionals at Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites can mimic the appearance of your natural smile.

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

One of the main reasons to choose composite fillings is that they conduct heat at a similar rate to your tooth structure. This prevents fracture lines on the supporting tooth structure. Metal fillings, on the other hand, conduct heat and cold at different rates, potentially causing fractures to the supporting teeth. In addition to the more aesthetically appealing look and lack of mercury, composite fillings help preserve the integrity of your natural tooth structure.

What to Expect at Our Office

At Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites, we perform a filling by removing the tooth decay, preparing the tooth, and then filling it. The composite filling material is then contoured to match the existing teeth. When it comes to tooth decay, we prefer action to medication, but medication can be used to accelerate healing before a filling treatment. For more details, call Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites in Edmonton.

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