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Replace a Missing Tooth with a Dental Crown in West Edmonton

If you need to replace or repair a missing or damaged tooth, consider getting a dental crown in West Edmonton from Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites. Our dental professionals provide crowns and bridges, both of which are non-surgical procedures that protect your teeth and restore their function. Dental crowns are used to cover a heavily damaged or discoloured tooth or a root canal tooth and give it the support that it needs. They're also used to replace a large filling or to cover a dental implant.

Bridges replace a missing tooth or teeth by attaching to a crown on the adjacent teeth. Implant-supported bridges are also available if you have several missing teeth. Left untreated, the gaps left by missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to move into the empty spaces, impacting your bite and your appearance.

Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that can't be removed. Your dentist will determine if you're a candidate to undergo either of these dental procedures.

The Crown & Bridge Procedure

Our dental office creates a comprehensive treatment plan for those seeking to receive a dental bridge or dental crown in West Edmonton. First, the tooth or teeth are prepared by shaping and trimming the outer layers. The shaping and trimming is only done to a couple of millimetres of the tooth or teeth. The shape of your tooth plays a big part in the stability and retention of your crown or bridge, and it must be reduced in size to accommodate the new addition.

Next, we take impressions and our lab fabricates the crown or bridge according to your unique needs. When you return for your final visit, we remove the temporary crown or bridge and cement the permanent one in place. For some patients, gum contouring is provided in order to custom fit your bridge or crown. Additionally, custom shading is completed by our lab technician to match the colour of your existing teeth. Because of modern advancements in these procedures, crowns and bridges aren't as noticeable as they used to be.

Good oral hygiene is very important after both of these procedures take place. Crowns and bridges can last a lifetime, but they can become impaired if you develop a dental disease due to poor oral health. Make sure you see your dentist regularly and brush and floss properly.

For more information on receiving dental crowns and bridges, contact Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites in Edmonton.

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