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Edmonton Smile Reconstruction Procedures

Smile Reconstruction – What Is It?

At Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites in Edmonton, we can provide smile reconstruction services. Smile reconstruction helps restore the function and cosmetic balance of your smile. Many factors go into why your smile may need this type of procedure including aging, injury, or other health issues. Smile reconstruction can also include gum tissue surgery and Botox® to provide a rejuvenated and younger looking smile. Smile reconstruction looks at the person as a whole, we take both your teeth and facial structure into account to ensure you get the desired results.

Other Smile Restoration Options

There are other smile restoration options available at Callingwood Dental Health Centre and Suites. While Dr. Xie is well experienced in gum tissue surgery procedures, we understand that option might not appeal to every patient. That’s why we provide alternative treatments, for example a combination of veneers and Botox® might suffice a patients smile reconstruction needs and avoid invasive surgery. Learn more about our smile restoration services by contacting our office.

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